CiC History 

The Cyprus Import Corporation Ltd was established in 1951, by Chris and Maria Economides, as a general trading company. In 1953 we started trading with Mercedes-Benz as an Agent and in 1955 became the General Distributors of Mercedes-Benz in Cyprus.

We currently represent Daimler AG for Mercedes-Benz and smart passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Trucks, FUSO Light Trucks and Mercedes-Benz Buses (Setra Buses after-sales only).

In 2010, through our wholly owned subsidiary, CiC Automasters Ltd, we became the General Distributors for Cyprus for the brands of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Abarth and in 2011 the Jeep brand.

Our company is also the General Distributor for of Bucher Municipal AG, the manufacturer of Bucher, Johnston and Beam Sweepers and the General Distributor of Ingersoll-Rand for Cyprus.

Slide Mercedes - Benz The Mercedes-Benz Cars range covers every passenger car segment: from the urban microcar by smart, to the premium and luxury vehicles by Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach, to the performance and sports cars by Mercedes-AMG. In this way, the Cars division of Mercedes-Benz AG ensures individual mobility for a vast spectrum of customer needs. Slide Smart Even more fun in city traffic.

Agile and highly manoeuvrable: thanks to seamless acceleration and full torque on tap from the electric motor at all times.

Chairman Message

Our company was founded in 1951 by Chris and Maria Economides and initially started operations exporting fruit, importing sewing machines, radios and films. In 1953, the company became the Mercedes-Benz Agent for Cyprus and in 1955, the sole distributor of the brand on the island. The company presence of CiC Mercedes-Benz has been intensive and active, throughout all phases of modern Cypriot history.

Even though, during the British colonial years, Mercedes-Benz was an unknown brand in Cyprus and a more expensive alternative to the well established brands, it quickly gained ground in the market and became synonymous with quality, reliability and technical excellence. In only a few years, it rose to a prominent position in the perception and preference of private customers and professionals alike.

Mercedes-Benz buses and taxis played an important role in the development of tourism and public transport, while the brand’s commercial vehicles proved to be a valuable ally for professionals working in all kinds of activity, be it transportation of goods, construction, utilities and infrastructure, by providing the most suited solution for even the most demanding tasks.

At the same time, our long and successful standing in the market would not have been possible without a comprehensive, reliable and consistent after-sales support to our valued customers.

Our daughter company, CiC Automasters Ltd, was founded in 2010, as the authorized distributor of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Abarth vehicles in Cyprus. With almost 10 years of presence, the company leaves its mark on the Cyprus automotive market, offering multiple options and solutions for the Cypriot consumer/driver and creating new growth prospects.

Our company continues the dynamic path set by previous generations with the same foundational corporate values followed since day one, while consistently developing and improving its services, in response to the ever changing market and customer needs.

Alexis Anninos
Cyprus Import Corporation Ltd

Our People

Alexis Anninos

General Manager

Theodoros Demetriou

Finance Manager

George Mentonis

After Sales Manager

Stavros Theodossiades

Service Manager

Aris Droushiotis

Parts Manager

Michael Kostekoglou

Sales Manager

Agathopoulos Paschalis

Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager

Costas Partasides

IT Manager

Nayia Kontopoulou

Marketing Manager


We develop various pillars of socially responsible actions under which we operate, with a clear sense of responsibility towards our customers, partners, society, as well as the state and our staff. We take initiatives based on set standards, with the utmost respect for the values that characterise our culture and our people.

  • Our main priority is to respect our employees at all times. We make sure we provide them with a safe and healthy environment in which they can work efficiently.
  • We are consistent in our obligations to all stakeholders, while always aiming to develop constructively efficient, functional and effective partnerships for all parties.
  • We fully understand our responsibility towards our customers as well as the society in which we operate and work hard to develop conscientious supportive and informative actions.
  • We invest in the development and strengthening of partnerships with institutions, organizations and government services, with the aim of creating targeted actions that will benefit society as a whole.

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